Founded in 2003, it is one of the most experienced companies in the installation of vertical modular technologies

Jardineria Artistica Babilon SL, is a company founded in 2003 that began its activity in the world of gardening with the project of expanding gardening towards the vertical dimension.

After some early years of work in traditional gardening, little by little, and being a pioneer on the national scene, she was reconverting her activity towards vertical gardening and landscaped roofs.

Babilon is currently one of the most experienced companies in the installation of vertical modular technologies.

We are professional gardeners and officially accredited vertical workers and this makes us a qualified, specialized and resolutive company for your vertical gardening projects.

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Why us

  • Pioneers at national level

    Technically complex and unique projects

  • Professional technical team

    Agricultural architecture and technical engineering team

  • 20 years

    Consolidated experience in the sector

  • Environment

    Innovation and environmental preservation

  • Security

    Access and safety technicians in height

  • Technical advice

    From our officially accredited professionals

Own engineering and a network of close collaborators

Depending on the project and its needs, we use the most appropriate techniques in both planting solutions and access techniques.

We have our own engineering and a network of close high-level collaborators that allow us to solve the project as a whole.

From the botanical study, irrigation and drainage systems, possible automatisms, accesses for subsequent maintenance work, structural solutions, waterproofing quality, water and substrate analytics, structure design and life lines… We work globally on the project and, where appropriate, we do the installation and subsequent maintenance.

We collaborate with other gardeners and organizations to advise and train their workers and in this way to extend the culture and application of vertical gardening.

Environment and culture of vertical gardening

Babilon is a company that believes and loves what it does and we have the will to participate in the creation and dissemination of the culture of vertical gardening and landscaped roofs.

The integration of vegetation into architecture is not only a professional orientation but also a desire that seeks to transform urban landscapes and make them more pleasant and habitable.

The installation of these gardens in cities not only has aesthetic benefits, these gardens also have benefits for the environment and for the health of people and their environment and this is something that makes us feel especially proud of our profession.

At Babilon we join forces to work not only on the technical development of new gardens but also on the generation and dissemination of this new culture.

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