Find out the amazing vertical forest of Barcelona with trees in suspension!

Façana CaixaForum abans.
Façana CaixaForum abans.



A green oasis in the heart of the city: knows the pioneering project at CaixaForum Barcelona.


The first vertical forest with suspended trees in Barcelona is a major engineering work created by a hundred professionals who want to be an element of union between the city and the mountain. The garden has about ten trees and over 19,000 plants that will serve as a refuge for birds and some pollinating animals that are beneficial to the planet..

Nature in the city: discover how this vertical forest revolutionizes the relationship between the city and the mountain.


It is a joint project of the Fundació La Caixa, Fira Barcelona and the Barcelona City Council and has been installed at the entry of Caixaforum Barcelona to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this cultural entity. The vertical garden has been coordinated in the technical field by our Babilon professionals Vertical Gardening and under the supervision of Dani Lacueva.

Projecte virtual CaixaForum
Projecte virtual CaixaForum

Ten trees and 19,000 plants in 535 m2


The forest has been installed on the wall of the former Metallurgy Palace, in the Montjuïc enclosure of Fira de Barcelona and occupies an area of 535 square meters. The garden consists of a dozen large trees and over 19,000 plants. According to the Deputy Director-General of the La Caixa Foundation, Elisa Duran, the forest will make it possible to appreciate what is not normally seen: "what happens under the earth".

Duran also states that with the new forest the city is to be presented with a "living or changing organism" that will be transformed with the seasons of the year. The ensemble is 12 metres high and 50 metres wide.

Sustainability in action: The first vertical forest of Barcelona will be irrigated with rainwater.


Sustainability plays "a key role" and so has been made the orderly botanical choice according to the water necessity of species. In addition, it has a state-of-the-art system of rainwater collection and irrigation water use that "allows to optimize water resources".

Don't miss the opportunity to explore this amazing vertical forest in Barcelona! Embed yourself in the beauty of nature and discover how architecture and landscapeism merge in perfect harmony in the heart of the city. This innovative project shows us that it is possible to create surprising and sustainable green spaces in urban environments. Wonder the first vertical forest with suspended trees from Barcelona to the Caixaforum of Barcelona!

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Green lung 


Montjuïc plant the first urban vertical forest with suspended trees of Barcelona.


The first vertical forest of Barcelona is born in CaixaForum.

So far we've seen vertical gardens on the walls of buildings. Barcelona has just launched its first vertical forest. It is located next to the CaixaForum, in a 535 m2 wall of the Metallurgy pavilion in the Fira grounds, in Montjuïc.

It is a set of Mediterranean vegetation and 9 trees attached to a wall 50 meters long and 12 meters high . There are 19,000 plants of 104 species , most of them indigenous like lavender, sage and rosemary .









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Barcelona's first vertical


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The installation is the work of Gabriel Ruiz and has been coordinated by the artistic gardening firm Babilon. More than 150 professionals have worked on it, and its construction arises as a celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the birth of CaixaForum, which seeks to become with this piece an integrating element of the city with the mountain and art with nature.